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Pingjiang is a history of Suzhou Street, one along the path, the river is called flat rivers. Said when the Song and Yuan dynasties, Suzhou, also known as Pingjiang this name Lu. River Road is not wide, the river walk rowed boats on the road can only be rickshaw only. Therefore, the same road, water and land in parallel, Ho Street adjacent, which is a typical characteristic of rivers and lakes. The Pingjiang really is a very good one Trail, the oldest map of the city of Suzhou Song "Pingjiang map, there Pingjiang street, Suzhou East half of the city was the main road, 800 years, Pingjiang still in situ retained it River Road, parallel pattern, texture and length of bridges, Fenqiangdaiwa, the housing body, the width of the streets and river, in proportion, showing the Lichtung elegant style; the Pingjiang both sides of the alley is particularly east of also better to retain Article Alley is an ancient streets today, the ancient city of Suzhou Watertown flavor. Pingjiang South Gan Jiang East Road from the North Vietnamese Baita East and North East Street Phase ancient name called "ten spring", earlier in 1834, Wu table hidden, said: "Pingjiang ancient name ten Springs, there Furui ten Huayang Bridge, Bridge Xi home a Court northbound, very detailed. Pingjiang is along the road, this road when I go look at the map, the total length of 1606 m, which is three miles long on both sides of the side streets, such as the Lion Temple Lane, pass Fong Lane, East Huaqiao Lane, Cao Hu Xu Lane, large Newbridge Lane, David Taoist, Zhangjiagang, Daru Lane, Shaw Lane, Niu Jia Xiang, hanging bridge, Lane and so on. The Pingjiang is a cul-de-sac near the river, north of Humble Administrator's Garden, south balcony Twin Towers. The total length of 1606 meters, but it is Suzhou, an age-old history of classic Alley. As early as the Southern Song Dynasty, Suzhou Map Pingjiang map Pingjiang namely clear and legible, Suzhou East half of the city was the main road. 800 years, not only the Pingjiang of river morphology, street formed basically similar to the original, but also to retain waterways parallel, Ho Street adjacent to the rivers and lakes pattern distinct. The Pingjiang regarded Suzhou most well-preserved ancient street, and Guanqian Lane separated but very crowded and noisy hubbub utterly quiet simplicity of the breath of life and swept the two worlds. The Pingjiang Although the streets as a historical and cultural protection of the transformation, but the main repair old as the license. Down the street a lot of the old house has been implemented to act as bars, clubs, but the appearance does not play quietly cover hidden under the wooden door, at first glance no different with the ordinary houses, and only exceptionally fine carved on the porch can glimpse some clues. And compared with ponds Street in Suzhou Street, Pingjiang less commercial gas to keep the City Lane to revive, retain a greater extent the sentiments style. The Pingjiang around retains a large number of old houses, the afar rare but not high-rise reinforced. The river west of the houses built by the river, the old house of the older, white walls and gray tiles, Mucha flower windows, wood and more reddish brown or brownish black, light clear. The external walls of multi-mottled, are like stripping Dan pale,. The wall peeling at give birth to many of the vines, creepers, swaying, Smart look. Southern craftsmen thought exquisite, garden aesthetics play daily residential and quiet of the river and between housing Fenqiangdaiwa, pavilions, bridges, landscaped by the King, like a scroll painting. By chance a willow slanting leaning to the river, quite the meaning of the brush-wave. The narrow river at the two sides seems a helping hand can grip, the turnover of widths that can accommodate a boat with ease, but impermeable can call. Walk a few steps from the the Pingjiang south, will be able to hear the guqin melodious a piano Pavilion, allegedly invited Wu send successor to teach playing piano. Via the Chang Lane, not a few steps, but also the sound of is a Jiangnansizhu the lively festivity. Following the sound forward a pingtan Museum, set to bypass the vestibule Show backyard that is, the book market. Too clever to catch up and spend a few pieces of tickets, listen to a period of storytelling, stands the Master says loud laughter and singing, not heard by people in high spirits. From the book out of deep go down the alley to go, you see a Kunqu Museum. Chong the ridge Tongwa plaque prominent hanging red lanterns, like traditional building, at first glance did not feel nothing special, in fact, go into it to feel good. The spacious courtyard, slate floor, on both sides of the car floor, north to south hall, south of the center is an ancient stage. Great background in-situ museum here, the full-Jin Hall, Shanxi merchants built from the late resident of Suzhou, is not designed for business negotiations, as if the tea to listen to a play, the side AC 007 is serious. Stage also approached to see I discovered distinct algal decorations on the ceiling without any hesitation complicated with a hole-shaped top, like Au, such as wells, the top set a bronze mirror, surrounded by hundreds of carved black bat with hundreds of flowers of gold interdependence around the yellow cloud head sculpture in the round brighter, abnormal color, bats and clouds hovering on directly sent to the bronze mirror piece up. The design of the caisson but do not have a magical effect, it was like a sounding box performances, the sound make the actor gathered up, voice suddenly become loud and mellow, never lingering more proudly. Yu had mentioned ashamed Shanxi even IM Pei, this international master architect as a miracle, "" exquisite stage ", but also exclaimed," say Suzhou is also considered to be affluent downtown, no think of Shanxi easy to built a Hall put the scenery reap. " Go Pingjiang will notice a boat seems like a house called "houseboat". Last year, the designer of the Shanghai building homes to accompany me to see them in of Pingjiang an ancient building repair alteration works, we go down the Pingjiang designer refers to building homes to show me the house of a form like a boat , is the way to the famous "Boathouse". "Houseboat" is located in a 200 year history of the old house yard. No. 33 in Pingjiang button Lane, the old house of Emperor Jiaqing of the courtyard in this area over 700 square meters, built towards the deep, still preserved in a well-carved doors and windows, wooden floors. A shape like a boat house in the old house, "houseboat". Because of high historical value, the tube Suzhou text, give the old one put up No. 147, the control and protection of ancient buildings "brand.

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